As well as professionally writing songs as Cerulean and code as w4rner, I write blog posts here about the broader topics - arts & tech - with a focus on indie values & creative expression across the board


“warner me” (replace the a with an @ sign and the space with a dot/period and you’ve got my email address, no kidding)


Topic: All Tech Arts
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Twitter - @vv4rner @CeruleanSounds

I login to platforms every week to respond to ALL comments, except during FirstWeek.FlipPh.one, when I’m off socials completely (you can come here directly or brave using a Feed* to stay in the loop)! Currently you can only comment directly on Micro.Blog, but I’m working on webmentions (could do with some advice!). If you’re interested in joining Micro.Blog yourself, I’d recommend setting up to this awesome explainer vid.


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