Submission Guide

Submission Guide

Shortcut Publication

Step 0: Scoping article

Before you get deep into a piece, let’s make sure it’s the right one. Look at our publications previous articles, read our style guide. If you have multiple possible avenues and want to spitball early ideas, e-mail ideas to

Step 1: Medium setup

If you don’t have one already, create an account on how-to

In order to publish your article, we need to add you as a writer to the Shortcut publication. Send an e-mail containing your handle to E.g. mine is @lpwarner

Step 2: Write & submit a draft

Do not Publish the article yourself! Instead add the draft to the Shortcut publication: how-to.

If you need some more informal advice and guidance along the way, we suggest you share the work-in-progress draft with 1 or 2 trusted advisors (how-to). E-mail if you would like me to be one of those people.

Step 3: Editing

I will make edits to the article. Expect this within 48h.

I will e-mail you telling you 1 of 2 things:

  1. There are changes that you need to make as well (e.g. adding images).
  2. We’re now happy with where the piece is now at. We have scheduled the post for publication.

Step 4: Publication

We will schedule your post with a specific publication date, so you can prepare to share your piece with your network, alongside the Shortcut team’s efforts to publicise it!

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