Watch my 5m review, on how this was both the BEST & WORST EVER Apple Product Event: | #Apple #AppleEvent

Biggest High-Level Issue: Why 1 hour on hardware and only 1 minute on software?? Is it cos software is free?? Because #iOS14 is WAAAYYYYY more important than #AppleWatch or #iPadOS put together | #Apple #AppleEvent

#iOS14 coming tomorrow! | #Apple #AppleEvent

Is this audience-free #AppleEvent the most thought through video of all time? Love details like them subliminally seeding the UI of new #iOS14 Widgets | #Apple

Then on the explanation, she says “the same footprint as the previous Air”. Great complete redesign Tim!! | #Apple #AppleEvent

iCEO claim: “#iPadAir is a completely redesigned experience”. Isn’t it just a slightly worse #iPadPro?? | #Apple #AppleEvent

Onward to #iPad : #iPadOS14 is improving #ApplePencil : great, an actually humanizing touch!

Oh they’re actually charging for this bizarre form of obsessive solo masochism?! #Fitness+ #Apple #AppleEvent

‘Treadmilll’ & ‘Walk’ is possibly the saddest combination of two words since ‘Apple’ & ‘Watch’ | #AppleWatch #Fitness+ #SveltePT #TreadmillWalk

#FamilySetup is an interesting effort to come good on Tim’s claim of ⬇️ in #iPhone supremacy. Also seems like an interesting way for kids to @WaitUntil8th / #ShotonflipPhone / #SmartphoneDetox

My Dad (a #Doctor) says re. #BloodO2: “Well it’s a clever addition from a #marketing point of view with #COVID in mind. Would only very rarely be useful to an individual” #OverHyped

Straight off the bat: no mention of #iPhone12 | This is due to delays to late-Oct iPhone 12 release, but “iCEO” Tim Cook spins it as adjacent products Watch & iPad being more important | #Apple #AppleEvent

Live Blogging the September “Apple Media Event” here, with special focus on #digimini #humanetech and #humour. Why? Because they are bigger than my country 🇬🇧’s 100 biggest companies. 20m tuned into Boris’s speech, arguably this is more important | #apple 🍎🍏

🎵 MC Beastly | ‘Amanda Holden’ [#MusicVideo] premiering tonight on 🦋

Warning: backup your iPod Classic before connecting to Mac OS Catalina (or soon Big Sur). Otherwise it may wipe 60GB of 2013’s greatest hits! It’s fine for me, I kinda wanted to devote it to my own demos: but others may not appreciate the cleansing quite as much!

Return of the 90s:… . Fantastic take on renewal of personal sites like Carrd. This is facilitated by tools like this WebMention (rather than commenting directly). However, Forgot to mention the humble XD


New Topic: Book Reviews from my profile on a gorgeous indie web competitor to Amazon GoodReads, run by my pal Emily. Currently in beta: irl friends shout me for an invite.


👏 @ajlkn on new #Carrd feature: dynamic (video & image slideshow) backgrounds eg | #nocode #lowcode #webdesign (½)

👏 @ajlkn on new #Carrd feature: dynamic (video & image slideshow) backgrounds eg But Beware Bug! Background appears blank on screenshots like “og:image” imported by socials like #FB & #Twitter. Upload a custom 1200x628 instead! | #nocode #lowcode #webdesign

Sued g00gle. Today was a good day. — Did you also have a (barely-used) Google+ account? You can grab $5-12 from the spies at:… #Google #ClassAction

Great time to start an AirBnB Experience y’all!…

Holla my alma mater @Uchicago CS Dept for inventing a leading #privacy tool. IMO needs a web #rebrand to go mainstream: HMU Can see a good insta feed for it tho.

Homeowner homies: do this on #privacy #g00gle

holla @cdevroe for recognizing my photo comp sub:… “.. w4rner takes it to 11” Heres the original (Part of a shoot for Consider submit my monthly art comp micro bloggers y’all

The moment that #NSA start playing #Snowden and calling out #surveillance, is the moment it becomes unconcionable not to #PardonSnowden.

Micro Blog Photo challenge | Day 7: daytripping (@stevesmit) or should I say ‘a Day L8’, as I “tripped over a day” — ‘UCL Student going on a trip at the start of lockdown.’

In this episode of English people pronouncing foreign names (1m vid from BBC):…

Micro Blog Photo challenge | Day 6: bisect (@cdevroe)

Micro Blog Photo challenge | Day 5: flow (@TheDimPause)

The side of me that’s got it.

Micro Blog Photo challenge | Day 4: peace (@dejus)

My peaceful side (heightened by removal of Father Time)

Micro Blog Photo challenge | Day 3: bug (@CTD)

Édouard Manet pesting at Art Institute of Chicago

August FirstWeek begins. Disabling cross-posting from to socials!

Micro Blog Photo challenge: Day 2: floating (@RossA)

Micro Blog Photo challenge: Day 1: up (@LJPUK)

“Tech Companies Promising You The #Unrealistic” Even Non-Profit @Mozilla are at it! #DailyFaily

“Tech Companies Promising You The #Unrealistic” Even Non-Profit @Mozilla are at it! #DailyFaily …

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“Tech Companies Promising You The #Unrealistic” Even Non-Profit @Mozilla are at it! #DailyFaily

“Hello, World!” (of POSSE) | now syndicating | #OwnYourSocialMedia #IndieWeb

“Hello, World!” (of POSSE) | now syndicating | #OwnYourSocialMedia #IndieWeb …

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“Hello, World!” (of POSSE) | now syndicating | #OwnYourSocialMedia #IndieWeb

#DailyFaily : Accidental Email Spam

If you ditch g00gle (👏) and export your Calendar:

Don’t do as suggested & import into Calendar app (iCal, Fantastical) to see past events. Data includes invitees -> new app sends them email invites to these (past) events leading to much 🤷!

WordPress Import

1). Date metadata is retained. This makes my ‘hello, world!’ look a little silly occuring after a solid 8 posts! 2). CAUTION: WP blog tags are converted to Categories. (see example from my final blog post calling out a bunch of Big Tech platforms)

Trying the Wordpress import feature, to bring over my old blog. Where I differ from the help docs ( is that it downloaded an XML automatically, rather than WXR.

Looking for a standing desk, to put on top of an existing kitchen table. Went to a texpo in Ningbo, China last summer (when that was allowed) and seemed good. Thought community would be the sort to 💯 a wfh setup!

P.S. RescueTime is going in the ‘tryna be Smart AI’ direction: answer first 6 survey questions to get to 2.0 product preview:… I’m down if they publish clear privacy policy.

FWFP Tech reflect: RescueTime June Trends

1 - Mail: Divested Gmail. All custom domains with Proton. All email out of Apple Mail Mac OS. Next: Reverse engineering Superhuman features in Mail. 2-4 - YouTube Vids: biggest MC Beastly release yet:… Next: channel trailer to take us to YPP (1k subs). 5 - Prod. ‘SilverLake’ in Logic. Next: Decide whether to pay for renewal in Aug.…

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Feature request: allow Category selection on MacOS app.

Turns out Micro.Blog sees # as more of Markdown’s ‘octothorp’ than the phenomenally successful hashtag of social media fame. Though only if at start of the line. #Octothorp when it’s first word Not first word #Hashtag

Big up Caroline Lucas MP for Brighton (2nd most live music venues) for pushing for more support for live music & freelancers. Vid:…

What do parties think we’re talking about with ‘arts & culture’? Labour - ‘artists, freelancers’ SNP & LibDem - ‘live music, festivals’ Tories - ‘opera, railway museums & agricultural shows’ #EmpressOfBlandings

HMG say most money will go to Britain’s “crown jewels”… ‘V&A, Albert Hall’ I wonder where all these places are?? #SmalltownDreamer

Arts&Cult Qs— £1.59bn funding: HMG claims “to support freelancers” (like But Secretary Dowden said that min. grant was £1m. Minister Dinenage’s explanation: “big institutions will bring up ecosystem”. Might aswell have said ‘trickle down’!!

Help: using as mothership??

As a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur have a more diverse audience set than most. Possible to use as like a mother-ship to post multiple strands of feeds? e.g. 1). Arts start-up. Posts added to blog for that site: Syndicate: 2). Tech/education start-up. Tech added to blog for that site: Syndicate to etc. Limitations: A). only allowed one custom domain Cheap idea: Redirect to… B). Limited to 1 syndicated account per platform?…

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Wanna setup cross-post to & next week. I’ll consider if you can filter only for longform posts?? For now, already got Mastodon.Social/@w4rner. Clicked Disable Cross-Posting (seems like temporary toggle): test. doesn’t seem to impose a character limit. I will keep mine to Twitter’s 280 out of respect to readers, and to maintain ability to syndicate.

Web-app: you can’t copy&paste photos in. Have to save & post 1 at a time (here’s a bonus #ShotOnflipPhone, from 1 year ago… doesn’t time fly!)

Have figured out how to add Categories. Then click three dots to Show Categories. I’ve created one called ‘Learning microblog’ (you can’t use punctuation), which I’ll tag posts like this, so future n00bs might have a faster learning curve #agileEdu

My isn’t on my FirstWeek social media blacklist, so feels like a great time to start posting! Next week, I’ll post photos from this week (7-day photo challenge). Here’s a couple of my faves others #ShotOnflipPhone over the past 2 years.

As I'm gradually divesting Google, I looked further into Dropbox:

As I'm gradually divesting Google, I looked further into Dropbox: ?dl=1 renders in Apple Mail Signature, which I'm now sending from, if you follow methods outlined here: ?raw=1 also works there, as per Dropbox's recommendation (, and seems more intuitively correct approach given that its about a browser rendering the image. …

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Hello, world!

Congrats fellas!

Congrats fellas! This is a cheeky & provokative campaign would have been proud to run! …

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*Super specific follow-up on ProtonMail Bridge*

*Super specific follow-up on ProtonMail Bridge* Of the settings, these are the two I’m still trying to decide on: 9. Junk Mail filtering: use Apple’s as well as Proton’s? 10. Split address mode -> every IMAP account that you set up with the Bridge is address-specific, and will only be able to send/receive emails from the address it is set up with. …

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Without “Inbox Pause”, Superhuman is inhuman

Without “Inbox Pause”, Superhuman is inhuman Why I’m putting The World’s Most-Wanted App on pause On my Fulbright researching technology addiction, I started a campaign to #GetPhoneSmart, a journey of re-evaluating your digital life which is best bugan by following Cal Newport’s advice to do a Digital Declutter. My team at the University of Chicago invented a version the kids would find fun: an Insta-braggable communal challenge to flip to retro tech called FirstWeekFlipPhone!…

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Sharing permissions matter for Drive btw: must be set to ‘Anyone with the link can view’.

Sharing permissions matter for Drive btw: must be set to ‘Anyone with the link can view’. …

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Thanks for the Google Drive hack. Does anyone know the equivalent for Dropbox?

Thanks for the Google Drive hack. Does anyone know the equivalent for Dropbox? The usual link sharing looks like Renders in HTML, but not when copied into Gmail signature (alt text displayed instead). Inferred that ‘dl’ = ‘download’. Tried replacing the dl=0, with dl=1 to replicate your ‘direct download’: and as you’ll notice, it does direct download. However, still doesn’t render in Gmail signature. …

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Mars, Personal congratulations for furthering your journey into tech. Thanks for the shout-out for the NLRP workshop. Really excited that you’re one of our first available for hire for agileTutoring. It’s amazing that you’re immediately looking to help pull up other young people into tech. Best, w4rner agileEducation …

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Imogen, So glad that Jez’s piece ( inspired you to join Medium. Fascinating to learn about the powers that be recognising the tidalwave of shitstorm that is climate change! Our musical “Snowflakes in SoCal!” imagines a world a decade in the next decade, when the attention goes in the other direction, despite the problem worsening! We’re launching a Kickstarter Monday which folks might like to check out: you can find out more on our site Snowflak.…

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As I’m launching my series “net:work?”

As I’m launching my series “net:work?” at, looking back at this John Tilley for inspo on combining images with text: your sketches were original and brilliant! Was glad to help Shortcut get this Medium publication off the ground, and hope y’all will continue to produce content going forward! w4rner …

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Rebecca: fantastic introduction to the reasons companies might rebrand.

Rebecca: fantastic introduction to the reasons companies might rebrand. You might be curious to read more about how my design agency helped a venture-backed company rebrand: In your framework, it was probably a mix of “3. an unclear brand”, and “1. wanting a brand which can grow into a bigger vision”; but would be curious for your thoughts: please feel free to leave me a response! Laurence (w4rner) Warner…

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Jeffrey: fantastic introduction to Rethink’s core product ‘Rethink Files’: hope it will encourage…

Jeffrey: fantastic introduction to Rethink’s core product ‘Rethink Files’: hope it will encourage many people to simplify their cloud storage. You might be curious to read more about how my design agency helped them crystallize this brand at my article As far as other productivity tools go, Rethink is great for reclaiming your collaborative life into 1 place. It’s important to take action based on those items. The best personal to-do list app I’ve come across was through firstweekflipphone.…

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Rethink. The Essence of a Rebrand

Rethink. The Essence of a Rebrand The company fka Publist recently got $1.5m in venture funding, and needed a big vision brand to fit: Founder Will Haering has been a web design wonderkid for the past decade, so knows the trials & tribulations for web devs. As he wrote in his blog post announcing the company name change, the vision over many years is to fundamentally overhaul the way web devs make web apps, in the same way as Microsoft changed software and Apple changed mobile apps.…

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Juan Sanchez Bonet Thanks for sharing this wonderful array of products.

Juan Sanchez Bonet Thanks for sharing this wonderful array of products. Great companions to taking a digital detox. …

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Andrei Cioara But what about limitations on organisations seats?

Andrei Cioara But what about limitations on organisations seats? E.g. see image. I have multiple contributors developing the website for in a private GitHub repo publishing using GitHub Pages. It seems that the free organisation I made is limited on both private repos & multiple collaborators. Any ideas? …

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Go Polsky homies Simmer!

Go Polsky homies Simmer! …

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Having been on both sides of entrepreneurial projects — data analysis & viz and product lead — I…

Having been on both sides of entrepreneurial projects — data analysis & viz and product lead — I think the main challenge is getting philosophical buy-in from leaders that decisions might actually be changed based on large-scale evidence. This culture change can be started by leaders setting 1 or 2 clear KPIs, and a review date. If everyone sees policy directed by data communication, everyone will raise their game to communicate lessons from data better in future.…

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I gave up my Smartphone for One Week each Month for a year

How do I smartphone detox? Inspired by First Week Flip Phone, I pitched Team Smartphone Detox (under the leadership of the energy ball Abe Pandit) to the Social New Venture Challenge. I’m proud that we are the first team treating Digital Addiction as an urgent social problem which needs to be tackled, and we are excited to be playing our part in moving the Digital Wellness conversation forward through action.…

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The New Information Controllers: Information Overload from Gutenburg to Zuckerberg

An op-ed style piece written for U Chicago’s “Censorship & Information Control” seminar with Cory Doctorow & Ada Palmer. I became interested in information overload becuase my head hurt. Three months learning Python from scratch on a hyper-connected campus can be a little taxing on the old noggin’. I thought I’d try a change of pace, so come the holiday break I went off to Colorado for a meditation retreat.…

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Jake, Thank you for sharing your smarter smartphone habits. I love ‘Sprint’ — have been reading it for an app design class, in which I’m determined to build an app following Time Well Spent principles! Based on my experience over the past 7 months doing First Week Flip Phone, which I describe in my Medium article, “Why I’m giving up my Smartphone for One Week each Month” we now publish a bi-weekly Detox Digest, including ‘smarter smartphone tips’.…

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Neat piece.

Neat piece. My game theory prof would be sad if I didn’t mention in the ideaof a co-ordination game to explain getting stuck in sub-optimal equilibria (the polite name I give to Facebook) with platforms. Let’s hope we can inspire people to get behind well designed platforms, like those promoted by the Center for Humane Technology. Design-wins for the win! …

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Submission Guide

Submission Guide Shortcut Publication Step 0: Scoping article Before you get deep into a piece, let’s make sure it’s the right one. Look at our publications previous articles, read our style guide. If you have multiple possible avenues and want to spitball early ideas, e-mail ideas to Step 1: Medium setup If you don’t have one already, create an account on how-to In order to publish your article, we need to add you as a writer to the Shortcut publication.…

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Shortcut Style Guide

Shortcut Style Guide Images Images help break up your content. You’re encouraged to intersperse them throughout your articles. Be sure to make them as relevant as possible. A popular website for free photos to use is Unsplash. Length The average person reads at 200 words per minute. Let’s aim for a 4 minute read minimum, meaning 800 words. Accessible Keep the language simple and understandable. Why not use a tool such as Grammarly that will check your word usage.…

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Juan, Thanks so much for sharing your experience my man! I’m so glad my memories took you back to yours. So how would you feel if your parents popped up in Chicago to take away your smartphone for a week today? Would you feel better if you took it away yourself? Laurence …

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Good catch bruv!

Good catch bruv! …

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Could you live without your smartphone for a week?

Could you live without your smartphone for a week? What would be the hardest part for you? Write a response here! …

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Why I’m giving up my Smartphone for One Week each Month

A flip phone defies impossibility “You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.”- Tina Fey We’re doing it. …

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7 - Scraping the interwebs


Imagine you really want to extract some information from a website. Let’s say you really need to know the weather information at lots of airports immediately. I’m thinking ‘Airplane’ set in 2018 with on-board Wi-fi: “We need to land this plane where there isn’t a storm. And don’t call me Shirley!”

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If anyone connected with Gary wishes to share their stories/thoughts, I encourage them to ‘Write a…

If anyone connected with Gary wishes to share their stories/thoughts, I encourage them to ‘Write a response’! …

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Steel City Strong

Steel City Strong “If I ever did leave Gary, I would want to return one day to contribute to the youth”, Destiny Joyce, a 16-year old student at Steel City Academy in Gary, IN tells me. Destiny’s headteacher thinks she has bright things ahead of her. Destiny JoyceDestiny’s attachment may surprise some Americans. Whilst folks back home in the UK may be amused by its personable name, Gary brings to American minds images of crime and poverty as the nation’s murder capital in the 1990s.…

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6 - See the data

Silicon Valley diversity

Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel, Tim Cook. What have they all got in common? Yeah - apart from being rich enough to use iPhones as toilet paper.

White dudes the lot of them. But then again I just picked these three names. What do I know? Let’s see what the data says.

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5 - Too many twits


I travel 4,000 miles across the Atlantic to get away from the humdrum shitshow that is recent British politics - and whaddayaknow: our first data science assignment is on the 2017 General Election.

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4 - Top Secret Public Data

Some exciting news: I have been taken on for my first data science project… in The Real World. And I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting project.

A few weeks ago, Jeff Asher,’s crime reporter, wrote an article entitled “The First FBI Crime Report Issued Under Trump Is Missing A Ton Of Info”. In it Jeff describes the changes in the FBI’s Crime in the United States report - which is the main go-to for researches wanting quantitative information on crime - between 2015 and 2016. Basically, there are a ton of tables missing this year.

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3 - What's a pirate's favorite language?

The deep end

This is what it looks like:

[code language=“r”] WS=c(ls()) rm(list=WS) ls() [/code]

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2 - A blog by any other name

Coding for People People: what does it mean?

Coding is a pretty easy one: it means writing code for a computer program. People People: we may need a little help from my dictionary.

People People (noun)

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1 - What are you doing?

January 2017. Boardroom of London law firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLC.

“First question. Imagine yourself a year from now as a Fulbright scholar. You bump into someone in the street who wants to know about what you are doing in the US. What do you say?”

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